The Hour of Decision Ministry
Written by Elder Jimmy D. Lewis
 Beginning July 1998
Shepherd, Apostle, & Teacher  - The Messenger Now Sleeps

The Spirit of Rebellion

Part I

Many have lost or forgotten the focus that the Lord has given unto the leadership of his great flock. Let’s go a little deeper into this subject of painting-up of women and in particular our sisters of the church. What we see is more than just an outward attractiveness, but a manifestation of a "rebellious spirit." The spirit of rebellion is out in the earth to be adverse and exalteth itself against the knowledge of God; because many are caught off watch, our sisters are giving over to seducing spirits and doctrines of devils. This thing of wearing pants, painting faces, fingernails and the cutting of the hair down to the model of the male, among others, are signs of outrageous rebellion against nature; and against man, whom God has placed head of the woman, with wantonness against Christ for the love of this world. The Lord has sent preachers, in particular pastors, to teach and to lead his people in this way of holiness. How can the people hear without a preacher? The Lord did not send "his preachers" to teach their own opinions, but it is "given" unto the man that the Lord has sent to preach his gospel "to know" the mysteries of the kingdom. It was not given to any other preachers. The souls which he has been given oversight are too important, so the responsibility lies largely upon the preachers’ shoulders to lead and direct by reprove and rebuke as well as do the same in the spirit of gentleness.

Part II

Many of our women, even preachers’ wives and other women of this church are operating under a spirit of rebellion which is manifested in the outward acts indicated above. The spiritual danger to this irony is that women with such foul spirits have the opportunity to corrupt good manners and deceive many; rendering those pastors who allow such, helpless in the rebuke of this kind of spirit. "Not withstanding I have a few things against thee, because thou sufferest that woman Jezebel, which calleth herself a prophetess, to teach and to seduce my servants to commit fornication and to eat things sacrificed unto idols." Rev. 2:20.

Women have their places and works in the will of God and in the church. We all must abide in the call that the Lord has given each of us. One of the highest callings is to set not only a good and moral example, but an example of holiness in view of those that follow after us in Christ Jesus.

Part III

The Lord has given us our works, concerns and abilities for today; tomorrow is not promised to us. Having said that, I know that we as leaders and others of the saints alike should spend less time at chasing the millennium and glorifying the 21st century, a time that only exists in the infinite wisdom of God, as those that have hope only in this world. The hope of the saints of God is not in the coming of the millennium nor in the coming of the 21st century, but rather in the coming of our Lord whenever he decides to come. I admonish you only to be ready and occupy until "he" comes. There is sufficient work to be done "today" rather than finding ourselves locked in suspense over the coming of the so talked about millennium. Why stand ye here gazing at a time that God has in his own powers. Many saints are dying every day in our churches and many others have conditions incurable who will never see that millennium that is being talked about. They will certainly need our help to make it through this day that they do see. Many people in our churches need saving, the baptism of the Holy Ghost and an absolute direction to God that they might be ready to meet him in peace on the coming of the Lord’s day.

The very fact that this and other kinds of permissiveness are allowed unchallenged in the church attest to the gradual erosion of our spiritual judgment to "watch and pray" against that day of evil that is upon us and shall become worse.

The pastor "must not" be afraid, having been given by the power of the Holy Ghost the oversight to rebuke, reprove and exhort with all authority; and letting no man despise him. Ref., Titus 2:15.

Part IV

Because of the destructive and persuasive nature of sin, this generation of men and women have lost the dignity that God has set for the male and for the female gender. Man finds himself out of his divine order and the woman is out of her divine order. So much the more this same spirit of rebellion has spilled over into this great church. Women find the desire to act and dress like the man and the man acting and carrying on like the woman. The distorted ambitions of the woman that takes on the traditional works and the culture pattern of man, such as policemen, construction and related fields, top executives, preachers and pastors leave them open and subject to physical, emotional and spiritual changes in features, ultimately femininity; such rebellious spirits are beginning to seduce many of the church women to hardening of hearts against Christ: waxing wanton against Christ, having damnation, because they have cast off their first faith. For the apostle Paul said that some have already turned aside after Satan. 1st Tim 5:11,15.                                                     

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